About Us

Hi, We're First Lego League Robotics Team 37575, Howl Bout It! Every year we have a robot and project portion of our competition. For our project prompt in 2020, we had to identify a problem linked to people not being active enough and we found a lack of motivation to exercise in ages 6-18 so to solve that problem we created H.O.W.L.(Howl Bout It Outdoor Workout League). Our robotics team consists of 3rd, 6th, and 8th graders at Spencer Center and Walnut Hills High School. We have been part of this team since 2018 and we have become great friends. We love FLL because it's fun, you make many new friends, and learn important skills like Teamwork, Gracious Professionalism, and Cooperation.

Selby Lin, Tyler, and Collin Kelley, Edwin, and Adrianna Tenney, Grace Cotton

What is HOWL?

Why Did We Create H.O.W.L.? 

Most people do not exercise much because they are not motivated to do it. We made H.O.W.L. to motivate people to exercise.

You Should Become Part Of H.O.W.L. Because...

It's fun, you get to spend time with friends, family, and even a pet or two!

What Is H.O.W.L.?

H.O.W.L. is a fitness scavenger hunt designed to motivate children ages 6-18 to be more active, you can compete in two-month challenges where you go to different trails in Great Parks where you will find a code to type into the "Submit Codes" section of this website.